1975 Summary Final Report on the Programmes
1976 Topolgie und Analysis 1
1976 Analysis 2 und Integration
1977 Lineare Algebra
1977 Hot Cell Services
1977 Non Destructive Assay of Plutonium
1977 Photovoltaic Qualification Testing Services
1978 PropriÚtÚs Thermooptiques des Surfaces sÚlectives rugueuses de Chrome mÚtal
1979 The North Sea Ocean Color Scanner Experiment
1982 Project Regional Joliba
1984 Integrated Pest Control in Olive-Groves
1985 Integrated and Biological Control in Protected Crops
1985 Integrated Pest Control in Citrus-Groves
1985 Weed Control on Vine and Soft Fruits
1986 European Research on Varroatosis Control
1986 Weed Control in Vegetable Production
1988 Importance and Perspectives on Herbicide-resistant Weeds
1993 A partire dal bambino - la psicanalisi e la questione infantile
1994 L'adolescente e il corpo: anoressia mentale e bulimia
2004 Shangai - Guida informativa per l'operatore italiano